GARC Equipment Disposal Guidelines
(approved in general membership meeting on July 28, 2014)

Purpose The purpose of this policy is to provide structure and accountability for the sale of donated equipment, sale of equipment that GARC has been requested to dispose of by a deceased amateur's heirs, or an amateur who just wants to sell his equipment and is willing to donate a portion of the proceeds to GARC. These steps will provide a "paper trail" of equipment, dates of sale and funds dispersed.

Equipment Disposal Committee (EDC) The EDC will be appointed by the GARC President to oversee the disposition of the equipment. The EDC will be composed of not less than three GARC members. The appointment will be for an unlimited period of time or until the committee member terminates his/her membership in GARC or resigns from the EDC. Upon a request by the donor, the EDC will provide the inventory list (including pricing and dispersal) and/or a letter stating our 501 (c) (3) status which could be the basis for any donations claimed for tax purposes. The EDC is bound by Article VIII of the bylaws regarding donations.

Inventory List The Inventory List will be maintained by members of the EDC and will contain as much information as is conveniently available. As a minimum it should list the source and the GARC contact, a description of the equipment, who tested it, an agreed on reasonable value, sale price and date of disposition. Ideally it would be a spread sheet and also list the Brand/Model, any limitations/problems and comments that would help in the identification or give further description of the equipment.

Methods of Equipment Disposition

  1. GARC will not be required to advertise to the public.
  2. GARC may contact licensed amateurs by newsletters, emails, personal referrals, or other means such as swap meets to secure buyers.
  3. All sales will be final and no warranties regarding the operation are stated or implied even though operational tests by the EDC indicated the equipment worked properly or has only listed limitations/problems.
  4. The seller will agree to hold GARC harmless of any failure to properly sell any equipment or to obtain any price higher than a "reserve price" if previously agreed on.


  1. Persons wishing to donate anything to GARC or desiring GARC's assistance in selling equipment would contact any GARC member who would put them in touch with a GARC equipment disposal committee (EDC) member.
  2. The EDC member will notify the GARC Board that a request has been made and request approval to proceed. This is particularly critical if tower work and/or removal is involved.
  3. If the GARC Board approves involvement, the equipment will be inventoried and evaluated (for pricing and operation).
  4. Valuation will be based on comparable sales from E-Bay, Craig's List, or retailer of used equipment when possible or by the consensus of a fair value by the EDC.

    The following steps are for when GARC is selling the equipment for someone else.

  5. The person with the equipment will be provided an "inventory sheet" indicating the suggested selling price and agrees in writing for GARC EDC to proceed with the sale based on that price. See #4 under Methods of Equipment Disposition for caveats as the final sale price may not be the initial asking price.
  6. The person with the equipment will be charged a 20% fee of the selling price for disposition of the equipment.
  7. Money from the sale will be turned over to the GARC treasurer weekly who will then deposit the money in the bank. This will allow ample time for any checks to clear the bank. One week after the sale ends the GARC treasurer will issue a check for the funds minus the agreed fee.
  8. The sale ends in 90 days unless terminated earlier by the GARC Board or by the person requesting assistance. Under special circumstances, such as an upcoming swap meet, the GARC Board and the person requesting assistance may agree on a slightly longer time frame. GARC will return any unsold equipment to the person requesting assistance, negotiate a price GARC will pay for the remaining equipment or accept any or all of the remaining equipment as a donation. A tax letter can be provided for any donated equipment.
  9. The inventory list will be the agreed method of accounting of the disposition of equipment.